A Large Multi-industry company: “G2020 future leaders program”

Our assignment: Create an innovative spririt and a true entreprenership motivation in order to built the foundation of a future leader community

Objectives of the seminar: To harness full “mind and body potential” through challenging sessions from debating with philosophers about authority and power, to becoming aware of the impact of body language and physical patterns in their daily actions and interactions.
To build and run entrepreneurial dynamics through projects related to the Company’s strategy

Participants’ profile: Average number 25, age 30/40s, multi-step selection,
total population target : 500

Methodology: For each cohort, a 18 month Learning journey through five “5 days” sessions. Ten sessions per year.

A top 10 Euro Bank, “Lead”

Our assignment: Grow the international top executives of the Group

Objectives of the seminar: Allow participants to experience uncertainty and disorientating contexts in a secure learning environment in order to develop new professional and behavioural guide lines

  • Develop a balanced leadership allowing for rational and emotional ways of connecting with oneself and with others
  • Create trust and a personal sense of a collaborating community

Participants’ profile: Average number 45, age mid 30/mid 40s, multi-step selection, total population target : 1500.

Methodology: Annual one-week seminar, in English in international city, + 5 day seminar follow-up six month later to study actual Group business strategic cases.

A Top 5 global Telecom leader: “International junior leaders”

Our assignment: Reinforce a sense of ownership and belonging to the company as a global organization

Objectives of the seminar: Groom participants to become actors of the inner transformation process by

  • Building a shared understanding of the company as a global player
  • Enabling / coaching participants to articulate a common global leadership style
  • Equipping participants with practical tools and frameworks
  • Helping participants to define how they can contribute to the creation of the coming digital world
  • Build a vibrant peer-community of sustainable change agents.

Participants’ profile: Average cohort 40, age 30/ mid 40s, total Population target: 5000

Methodology: Five “5 days sessions” per year.

A Top 5 international oil and gas company

Our assignment: Honing management skills of key R &D Experts

Objectives of the seminar: The Program encompasses a mix of “technical skills building” and “personal development” content managed in parallel streams throughout the program.

Participants’ profile: Average cohort 25, total Population target: 150

Methodology: A yearly international seminar.